Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Bnos Malka Unique?

The degree to which we are attentive is what sets us apart from the rest. We are attentive to each and every girl. Our staff constantly monitors each girl’s academic, spiritual and social progress. We are exceedingly attentive to the performance of our teachers, observing and fine-tuning their delivery of instruction so they become the best educators possible. We are attentive to everchanging educational climate and are constantly evolving. Finally, we are attentive to our parents, welcoming their feedback and responsive to their concerns.

Why should I send my daughter to Bnos Malka?

Why? Because you realize that your daughter is an individual with emerging strengths and weaknesses and you want her in a school that can identify, develop and strengthen those talents and offer support where needed. We are large enough to provide all the services your daughter needs and small enough to actually know what she needs to know.

What kind of school is Bnos Malka Academy?

First and foremost, Bnos Malka believes that every child can succeed both inside and outside the classroom. The Bnos Malka Hashkafa is to teach Torah as expounded through Chazal and our Gedolim guide our every step. We empower our students with knowledge coupled with understanding and skills, as well as the values which have been passed down from our Gedolim. Our Yeshiva emphasizes Torah , Chesed and a love of Yiddishkeit.

What is the curriculum?

Our full Limudei Kodesh curriculum consists of Tefilah, Kriya, Ktiva, Safeh, Yehadut, Chumash, Navi, Parshas HaShavua, Yediyos Klalios, and Denim. Common Core State Standards are at the heart of our General Studies curriculum which consists of Social Studies, Science, Math, Creative Writing, English Language Arts, and Current Events. Co-curricular programs include Music, Dance, Physical Education and Computers. However, more important than the actual curriculum, is the method of instruction. Along with our rigorous and comprehensive academic curriculum, our teachers use various differentiation techniques to meet the needs of all learners. Bnos Malka stresses curiosity and understanding, as well as learning skills which last a lifetime.

Will there be any variety in the curriculum?

Bnos Malka is proud of the innovative and educational programs that take place in our school. We believe that a varied curriculum enriches the lives of our students and makes them more responsible citizens of the Jewish community, both locally and at large. In the past, our programs have focused on such diverse topics as Eretz Yisroel – past, present and future; channeling into the feelings of others; what it means to be an "ohev Shalom" and a "rodef Shalom"; and learning about and developing relationships with senior citizens. This year our programs focus on our “Theme of the Year” which is “mindfulness”. Many of our special programs are crafted with the idea of cultivating unity throughout the entire school. Keep in mind that we have just skimmed the surface of the myriad of special programs that we run at Bnos Malka.

Does Bnos Malka participate in state standardized tests?

Yes, we evaluate our Common Core program by comparing how our students perform to the national averages. We examine the relevant data and make adjustments accordingly.

What is the emergent literacy program, and how will it help my child?

Research indicates that children are learning about written and oral language from the time they are infants. Effective language instruction builds on the knowledge that young children already have upon entering school. Ideally, students are provided with a supportive learning environment that promotes learning through real life experiences. Students experience exposure to the different elements of language in a variety of contexts, where they have an opportunity to work with language at developmentally appropriate levels in centers that are engaging, fun, and have real work applications. Emergent literacy affords each student the opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace. In an emergent literacy classroom, all of the components of language are interconnected, learning is relevant to the students, and students are ultimately immersed in literacy and language. Additionally, Bnos Malka has taken this to the next level by implementing these techniques in our Kodesh classrooms as well.

Does Bnos Malka have a computer program?

Yes. While many school computer programs focus primarily on computer games, our computer classes for grades 5-8 actually train our students in the practical use of technology and coding. We start with the basics and by the end of 8th grade, our girls become fully knowledgeable in the use of computers. In grades Pre 1A-4, our students participate in the SuccessMaker and Waterford Computer Programs, which not only help the girls become comfortable with computers, but helps to hone their reading and math skills as well. Additionally, computers in the classrooms provide students with the opportunity to practice their reading and math skills, and to publish their writing.

Are there "after-school" programs?

We believe that healthy outlets are important. Optional after-school programs allows girls to explore and further their interest in math, science, sports, art, dance and culinary arts.

Are there uniforms?

The girls of Bnos Malka wear uniforms in grades 1-8 that exemplify, Tznius and modesty. The uniform brings a sense of unity and orderliness to the school.

What are the hours of the Yeshiva?

Pre-1a through 8th grade students meet on Monday-Thursday from 8:15AM until 4:00PM, and on Friday from 8:15AM until 1:00PM. The Kindergarten Wrap-Around and UPK program meets Monday-Thursday from 8:15AM until 4:00PM, and on Friday from 8:15AM until 1:00PM. (Exact hours of he UPK program to be determined)

Who may attend Bnos Malka?

Bnos Malka Academy is a Yeshiva open to girls who come from families that share our dedication to Torah education and strictly adhere to Torah and Mitzvot. Our school places a strong emphasis on derech eretz, love of Yiddishkeit, and midos tovos. All Bnos Malka families are expected to reinforce these ideals in the home. Parents who send their children to Bnos Malka agree to abide by the rules set forth in the Bnos Malka Academy Family Handbook.What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Is transportation provided?

School busing will be provided for students residing in eligible areas on all school days except for legal holidays. Busing is also available from West Hempstead, Great Neck, and the Five Towns through their respective district offices.

What if I have more questions?

Please feel free to call the school office at (718) 268-2667 for further information.

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