Education. Hashkafa. Warmth.

Bnos Malka prides itself on balancing rigorous academics with a whole-child approach to learning.  The school holds itself to the Common Core standards which promote critical thinking, analysis, and problem solving skills.  The Bnos Malka faculty is dedicated to its students and the teachers work continuously to help each child learn and and growth in both personally as well as within their educational foundation.

Additionally, our teachers are trained to "work with the end in mind."  Each teacher plans their curriculum with specific ideas and skills they want their students to learn and achieve.  Every lesson and assignment is given with purpose and intent as a means to achieving a final academic purpose and goal.  Our staff works hand in hand with the assistant principles, additional educational facilitators and families in order to ensure that each child achieves her potential.

In order to create a fully comprehensive education and curriculum, the school provides a variety of enrichment programs and activities that help create a school culture of educational excitement and achievement.

Bnos Malka Academy 

 7102 113th Street,

Forest Hills, NY 11375

(718) 268-2667