Academic Programs

Writing & Grammar Fundamentals

This is a formal writing program which explicitly teaches the stages of the writing process, from generating ideas all the way through publishing. The program uses authentic literature to teach students how to think like a writer. We are privileged to have a writing fundamentals consultant visit our school throughout the year to assist our teachers with enriching our students’ writing techniques. In conjunction with our Writing Fundamentals program, we teach grammar through reading authentic literature and making students aware of grammar rules. Students then practice using their newly acquired grammar and syntax knowledge in workbooks and in their writing pieces.

Reading Fundamentals

Reading fundamentals utilizes the same systematic approach to teach students how to read and comprehend fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Students use authentic literature to study the components of each genre.

Accelerated Math Tracks

We have an accelerated math track for grades 5 -8 which culminates in the New York State Regents exam at the conclusion of 8th grade.

CIJE-Tech Middle School

The goals of this new program are to enhance interest and skills in STEM and to provide an initial exposure to engineering.  Students are provided with the fundamentals of engineering needed to gain skills in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) coupled with experiential learning in teamwork, innovative thinking and problem solving.

Lehavin U’Lehaskil

Grades 2-5 use the Lehavin U’Lehaskil Chumash program, which uses a systematic and leveled approach to teaching and reinforcing Chumash and Rashi skills. Students engage in various activities, such as singing color coding, and games to help develop Chumash skills so that they can read and interpret Hebrew texts independently.

English and Hebrew Author Share

Twice a year, we celebrate our students’ writing skills at a grand Author’s Share.
Students choose a piece of writing from their portfolio to share with students in other classes.

Compuers and Coding

Our Pre-1a and 1st through 4th grades have computer programs provided by the Gruss Foundation.
Each Pre-1a classroom has two computers that run the Waterford Learning Program. Students use interactive games, stories, and songs to learn basic reading and math/science skills. The Success Maker Program, for the 1st through 4th grades, teaches reading, comprehension, and math skills. The program is designed to teach each student at their individual learning level. The Computer Instruction curriculum for the 5th through 8th grades focuses on the programs of Microsoft Office. In the 5th grade, the girls learn Microsoft Word; in 6th grade students work on Excel and they will participate in the Hour of Code Week; in the 7th grade, the girls focus on PowerPoint; and in the 8th grade, the students learn Microsoft Publisher and Davka. This curriculum was designed so that upon graduating from Bnos Malka, the girls will possess the computer knowledge necessary to succeed in their future studies.

The Eretz Chemda Distance Learning Program

This interactive course teaches the מצוות התלויות בארץ in a way that brings their theory and practice to life in an exciting, user-friendly and experiential way, while strengthening students’ connection to ארץ ישראל and עם ישראל.  The year-long program, geared toward students in grades 5 6 or 7, consists of some twenty bi-weekly lessons taught by an expert teacher, live from ירושלים through webinar platform.

Mitzvah/Science/Social Studies Fair

Students work individually and cooperatively to create projects that reflect their understanding of topics discussed in class. Students are involved in conducting research, drafting, editing and producing a finished product.

Inter-Yeshiva Science Fair

Every year our students participate in the Inter-Yeshiva Science Fair competition and consistently win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

The Brochos Bee

We hold a Brochos Bee every other year around Tu B’Shevat.

Student Government (G.O.)

Our middle school has a student council from grades 6-8. The students are involved in planning activities for the middle school and they publish a bi-yearly newsletter.

Scripps National Spelling Bee

Grades 5-8 participate in the national spelling bee contest. Finalists go on to compete at
the regional level.

After-School Programs

Enriching after school programs are provided daily to encourage our students’ many talents, and to allow all student s to shine. Some choices are baking, art, sports, computer design, and crocheting.

Basketball Team

Participation in a competitive basketball league builds teamwork and school spirit.

Rosh Chodesh Programming

Rosh Chodesh is an exciting time at Bnos Malka.  Grades 5-8 have a Rosh Chodesh Breakfast.  All students receive a Rosh Chodesh treat from the Parents Association.

Class Trips

As part of our philosophy of hands-on experiential learning, all classes go on a minimum of three class trips per
year, which are directly connected to their curriculum.

Peer Programs

To encourage reading and writing skills and to foster a sense of community amongst our students, students from older grades visit younger classes and share their writing with their younger peers, and younger students read books to older students.

Six Flags Reading Program

At BMA we always encourage reading, and this program provides an incentive for students to read. Students accrue hours of reading that can be traded in for free tickets to Great Adventure.


7th and 8th Grade Science and Math Enrichment. Bnos Malka participates in the Gruss Foundation E2K Program. E2K is an inquiry-based Science and Math enrichment program. These programs, developed in Israel, address the needs of middle school students who are self-motivated in math and sciences. They are extremely successful programs that have been modeled in Illinois and Iowa, and are now being instituted and funded by the Gruss Foundation in a select group of Jewish Day Schools in the tri-state area. Students in grades 7 & 8 are eligible to apply.

Math Olympiad

A group of students from 5th and 6th grades come together to create our “math team”. They train once a week with their math coach, as they work on higher order thinking problems. Once a month they compete against other schools in the United States. Math Olympiad is a rewarding and enriching program.

FOSS Hands-On Science Kits

The FOSS Kits are a fantastic hands-on resource which we use on all grade levels and for various topics in science. It is used as a supplement to our science curriculum and provides an interactive learning experience. In the middle school, our students visit the science lab on a regular basis and write formal lab reports about their hands-on experience.

National Geographic Non-Fiction Leveled Literature

We have a wide range of colorful, high interest readers available at all levels to enrich our curriculum. National Geographic’s program offers readers an opportunity to explore and develop their understanding of informational texts. The materials support readers as they develop the skills and strategies they need to become independent readers. Children develop understanding of key science and social studies content while simultaneously garnering experience with a range of nonfiction genres, forms, and features.

The Senior Year

8th grade is a great time for the girls. Special activities include fundraising, preparing and publishing
a yearbook, designing their 8th grade sweatshirt and leading the school in a number of events. In addition, the seniors have multiple Chesed activities and special.

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