Programs of Interest at BMA

Educational Programs

We are proud to have many innovative programs which contribute to our state of
the art education. The following is a brief summary of just some of the Judaic and
General Studies related programs we offer:

National Geographic Nonfiction Leveled Literature – We have a wide range of
picturesque, high interest readers available at all levels to enrich our curriculum.
National Geographic’s program offers readers an opportunity to explore and
develop their understanding of informational texts. The materials support
readers as they develop the skills and strategies they need to become independent
readers. Children develop understanding of key science and social studies
content while simultaneously garnering experience with a range of nonfiction
genres, forms, and features.

CPO Science – Used in conjunction with our eighth grade physical science
course, this program enables the students to explore science through hands-on
activities. The sophisticated equipment and the technological tools make the
learning all the more exciting.

FOSS Hands-On Science Kits – The FOSS Kits are a fantastic hands-on resource
which we use on all grade levels and for various topics in science. It is used as
a supplement to our science curriculum and provides an interactive learning

Science Enrichment – We are fortunate to have a science specialist who regularly
visits our school to expand on science units being studied in various grade levels.
Geography Program – As a school, we are learning the geography of the United
States, including states and capitols. We will also explore important facts about
the United States. Come visit our geography bulletin board to learn more.

Adopt-a-Grandparent – Students in grades 6-8 develop a year-long, meaningful
relationship with residents at an assisted living facility. Students learn about the
history and home country of their “adopted grandparent”. The information that
they learn is integrated into their studies as they develop biographies and
PowerPoint presentations about their “adopted grandparent”.

We have an advanced math track for our seventh and eighth grade students.

The New York Times is delivered daily for our students’ use in conjunction with
their current events assignments.

Write Traits – This is a formal writing program which includes the six traits of
writing. The program is built on a spiraling system as the level of writing
sophistication gradually increases.

School-wide Reading Program – The entire school participates in a yearlong
reading program. Students are required to read age-appropriate material for a
specified amount of time daily.

Six Flags Reading Programs – As we always encourage reading, this program
provides an incentive for students to read.

Computers – Our Pre-1A and First through Fourth grades have computer
programs provided by the Gruss Foundation. Each Pre-1A classroom has two
computers that run the Waterford Learning Program. Students use interactive
games, stories, and songs to learn basic reading and math/science skills. The
Success Maker Program, for the 1st through 4th grades, teaches reading,
comprehension, and math skills. The program is designed to teach each student
at their individual learning level.

Author’s Share – Twice a year, we celebrate our students’ writing skills at a grand
Author’s Share. Students choose a piece of writing from their portfolio to share
with other classes.

Mitzvah/Social Studies/Science Fair – Students work individually and
cooperatively to create projects that reflect their understanding of topics
discussed in class. Students are involved in conducting research, drafting, editing
and producing a finished product.

We hope that this summary of ongoing programs helps give you a glimpse into
the many exciting programs which take place at Bnos Malka Academy.