Meet the Admin

Our Administration

  • Menahel
    Rabbi Michael Weichselbaum, a graduate of Ner Israel Mechina High School, received both his B.A. and M.A. in Education from Adelphi University. Rabbi Weichselbaum spent seven years in Eretz Yisrael learning in Yeshivat HaNegev and Yeshivat Torah Ohr where he received his Rabbinical ordination. Upon returning to the United States, he began his teaching career in the Hebrew Academy of Suffolk County followed by intervals in Yeshiva Har Torah and the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach. Rabbi Weichselbaum has served as Head Counselor and Learning Director for 9 years at Acheinu Day Camp. He is known as an educator who develops warm and lasting relationships with his students. He brings to his position a rich diversity of knowledge in both Judaic and Secular Studies, a commitment to each of his students and the integrity of a true role model.
  • Assistant Principal, Grades K – 4th
    Mrs. Rivky Babad is a graduate of BYA High School in Brooklyn, and received her B.A. and her M.S. in Education and Special Education from Touro College. She is currently pursuing her Doctoral degree. Mrs. Babad retains NY State Certification in Education and Special Education in grades K-6. Mrs. Babad spent seven years in Bnos Shulamith of Long Island. Prior to that, she worked in Maagen David Yeshiva in Brooklyn for 11 years. She is experienced in both Limudei Kodesh and Limudei Chol subjects. She is adept at creating and enriching interdisciplinary curricula that are based on progressive educational philosophies and that are adaptable into Hebrew classrooms. These curricula are currently being used by various schools nationwide.
  • Assistant Principal, Grades 5th – 8th
    Mrs. Shulamit (Shuly) Zuckerman joined the administrative team at Bnos Malka Academy in 2011, bringing with her over a decade of classroom experience in both Judaic and Secular studies. Her undergraduate work focused on psychology, in which she earned her bachelor of arts, in 2003. Mrs. Zuckerman continued her graduate coursework at the Loyola University Chicago School of Education, and in 2006, earned a M. Ed., with a concentration in school administration and supervision. She holds a (Type 75) general administrative certificate from Illinois State Board of Education. Mrs. Zuckerman has spent five years teaching at Bnos Malka Academy, where she earned the respect of her colleagues and students. Most recently, in 2011, she was awarded Bnos Malka’s Educator of the Year award. Her genuine care and concern for the overall well being and success of each and every child underscores her approach to education. Her warmth
    and understanding make each child feel like the special individual that they are.