Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Yeshiva is Bnos Malka Academy?
Bnos Malka Academy is a school committed to working with neighborhood leaders and institutions in order to strengthen Yiddishkeit within the communities we serve. Our Yeshiva emphasizes middos, Derech Eretz and a love of Yiddishkeit. We believe that in order to properly educate children, they must be taught by the best teachers available both in Limudei Kodesh and General Studies.


I have heard that Bnos Malka has moved several times. What are your future plans
as far as housing the students?

It is true that due to our rapidly growing enrollment, we have had to change
locations over the years. Four years ago, however, we signed a long term contract
with Touro College that allows us use of their Dov Revel campus in Forest Hills
for many years to come. This building will provide enough space for all of our
future needs, including state of the art science and computer labs, as well as
resource and specialty rooms.

Why should I send my daughter to Bnos Malka?
With several good schools in the area, you have good options to choose from. We
do believe, however, that several things set Bnos Malka apart. Our emphasis on
skills development, as well as exceptional teachers who create a positive learning
environment, gives our students the confidence they need to succeed. Our
administration is readily available to work with you as partners in order to
advance your child’s development. Bnos Malka truly works as a partner with its
parent body.

What makes Bnos Malka Academy unique?
All of our teachers use positive reinforcement techniques to foster a love of learning. We believe that the best way to foster a child’s ability to learn is through experience. Bnos Malka provides hands-on learning.  We offer small classes with individualized attention assuring that every child receives the attention and love they need. Smaller classes also create a warmer and more secure environment.

Who is the Menahel?
Rabbi Michael Weichselbaum has many years of experience in the field of Jewish Education both in the classroom and as an administrator. His educational accomplishments have been acknowledged throughout the United States and Israel. Rabbi Weichselbaum possesses a Master’s degree in education and received his rabbinical ordination from Yeshiva Torah Ore in Yerushalayim which is headed by HaGaon Rav Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg.

Who are our teachers?
Our Lemudei Kodesh teachers are qualified graduates of teaching seminaries in Israel. They possess a love of teaching and are an inspiration to their students. Our General Studies staff possess either a state teaching license or a Masters Degree in the field which they teach. They are experienced educators who use various methods of teaching in order maximize the growth of their students.

What is the curriculum?
Full Lemudei Kodesh curriculum consisting of Tefilla (prayer), Kriya (reading), Ketiva (writing), Millim (vocabulary), Dinim (Jewish laws), Chumash, Dinim, and Yedios Klalios.  General Studies curriculum consists of Social Studies,
Science, Math, Creative Writing, English Language Arts, Current Events, Music, Choir, Dance, Physical Education and Computers. However, even more important than what they learn is how the students learn. Bnos Malka stresses curiosity and learning skills which last a lifetime.

Will there be any variety in the curriculum? What About Special Programs?
Bnos Malka is proud of the innovative and educational programs that take place in our school. Each year we seek to add to regular classroom learning. This year, we are learning about the geography, climate, and history of Eretz Yisroel.  Each Rosh Chodesh our younger classes participate in a meaningful assembly while our older girls enjoy a bagel breakfast while listening to a recognized community leader discuss pertinent issues. Our programming is very extensive and varied. For further information please speak to any of our administrators.

How has Bnos Malka Academy performed on State Standardized Tests?
We must be doing something right. As a result of our exceptional teachers, Bnos Malka Academy has had well above average results on these tests. In fact, they have been excellent.

I’ve heard that Bnos Malka has recently enhanced the curriculum in the younger
grades to include emergent literacy. What is this program, and how will it help my
Research indicates that children are learning about written and oral language from the time they are infants. Effective language instruction builds on the knowledge that young children already have upon entering school. Ideally, students are provided with a supportive learning environment that promotes learning through real life experiences. Students experience exposure to the different elements of language in a variety of contexts, where they have an opportunity to work with language at developmentally appropriate levels in centers that are engaging, fun, and have real world applications. Emergent literacy affords each student the opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace. In an emergent literacy classroom, all of the components of language are interconnected, learning is relevant to the students, and students are ultimately immersed in literacy and language.

With two classes in the lower grades, how does the school maintain a feeling of family
between the students?
It is true that as the school grows, it becomes a bit more challenging to find
ways to maintain that feeling of unity that has been a hallmark of Bnos Malka.
Yet we have and will continue to find ways to make it happen. We never
say that we have two classes of 22 students; we have one class of 44. Grades with
parallel classes are provided with structured opportunities to get to know each
other and make new friends. Through activities that reflect the curriculum,
students from both classes get together to express their individual creativity and
converse with each other. Currently, our Achdus program is running smoothly in
the Pre-1A and will be expanded to the 1st and 2nd grades. The goal of the Achdus
Program is to create a unified and cohesive group of girls across each grade level,
that are not limited and separated by classroom boundaries.

Does Bnos Malka Academy have a computer program?
Yes. Many computer programs focus primarily on computer games. Our computer classes for grades 5-8 actually train our students in the practical use of technology.  We start with the basics and by the end of 8th grade, our girls become fully knowledgeable in the use of computers. In fact, the highlight of our 8th Grade Graduation ceremony is a PowerPoint presentation which the graduates have been working on the entire year. It showcases the familiarity our girls have with using computers. Of course, we bring creativity to computer classes as well. Bnos Malka has developed the “Living Legacy/Adopt a Grandparent Program.” This program uses state of the art technology to combine chessed with technology. It is more than likely that you have read about this program in some of the Jewish newspapers. In grades Pre-1A- 4, our students participate in the SuccessMaker and Waterford Computer Programs, which not only helps the girls become comfortable with computers, but helps to hone their reading and math skills as well. Our computer laboratory consists of 23 laptop computers which are all connected to the Internet and can be transported from class to class.

Are there “after-school” programs?
A well-rounded curriculum creates a well-rounded student. Optional yoga, drama, baking, knitting and crocheting, art and math clubs are just some of the after-school programs we provide for our students.

Are there uniforms?
The girls of Bnos Malka Academy wear uniforms that exemplify Tznius and modesty. The uniform brings a sense of unity and orderliness to the Academy.

Who may attend Bnos Malka Academy?
Bnos Malka Academy is a Yeshiva open to girls who come from families that want them to pursue a quality Torah education with an emphasis on Derech Eretz, Middos, and love of Yiddishkeit. All families sending their daughters to the Academy must be willing to abide by the rules set forth in the Bnos Malka Family Handbook. Scholarships will be considered based upon individual family needs.

Who serves on the Board of Directors?
BMA board members are Torah and business professionals who are dedicated to building a Makom Torah for the girls of our community. All decisions of the board are made in accordance with local Rabbonim and professional educators.

What are the hours of the Yeshiva?
Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 3:50 pm / Friday 8:00 am – 1:00 pm

Is transportation provided?
City school busing will be provided for eligible areas on all school days except for legal holidays.

What if I have more questions?
We are always available to assist you by calling our school office at 718-268-BNOS (2667) for further information.