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Dear Parents,

       We know that these have been very difficult days for all of us. Reaching decisions which will impact the very nature of your daily lives has weighed on our conscience day and night. We are reaching out to you this afternoon with a heavy heart to inform you that as of Monday March 15th Bnos Malka will be closed until further notice. We encourage all of you to follow the guidelines provided by the CDC and to use the Koach Hatfilla and Torah learning as our first line of defense.

Rabbi Michael Weichselbaum

Mr. David Berger

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Mr. & Mrs. Yitzchak Feldman

Mr. & Mrs Benny Feldman

Mr. & Mrs. Chaim Feldman

Mr. & Mrs. Shimon Feldman 

זכריה יהושע בן אהרן ז"ל 

May the neshama have an aliyah

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